Bachelorette Celebrates with Service to Crittenton

Bachelorette Celebrates with Service to Crittenton

Crittenton Services, Inc. hosted its first bachelorette party on campus, thanks to the generosity of a Wheeling bride and her bridesmaids.

Bridesmaid Sarah Kemp contacted Crittenton a few weeks ago, offering to volunteer in Crittenton’s residential program in lieu of the traditional bachelorette party for Wheeling bride Katie Hinerman. It would be a surprise for the bride, as the friends explained, “Katie loves to give back and we thought this would be perfect for her.” 

After some discussion, it was decided that the bridesmaid group would coordinate and assist with a beautification project on Crittenton’s campus, planting large flower pots. The bridesmaids purchased everything needed for the project, including a special “bridal” gardening trough for the bride.

The party was set for a Saturday morning. The bridesmaids and bride, along with the mother of the bride and mother of the groom, introduced themselves to the girls in Crittenton’s residential program and they began planting flowers.

“A bachelorette party is typically to celebrate one person and her closest girlfriends, but what a great opportunity it was to celebrate with lots of ladies! It was heartwarming,” sid bride Katie Hinerman.

“It was the best day. The girls were so excited to work with such an enthusiastic group, and they couldn’t wait to dig in the dirt. The girls were very proud of the finished product and couldn’t wait to place the pots around campus,” said Stacy Rich, Director of Marketing at Crittenton Services.

The planting was followed by a pizza party and a special bridal cake for the bride.

“Our girls need positive experiences like this one. It’s so important to have role models just like the bride and her friends and family. It’s something our girls will never forget,” said Rich.