Crittenton's Girls Find Solace In Art

Crittenton Services, Inc. is proud to offer art created by the girls in its residential treatment program to showcase at Artworks Around Town for the month of February.

To kick off the month-long show, Artworks Around Town, in conjunction with First Fridays, will offer a special reception on Friday, February 5 from 5:30-8:00 p.m.

Many of the young girls served in Crittenton’s residential program are victims of severe abuse, neglect and trauma. Some of them have found art to be therapeutic. Bianca Benson is completing her graduate degree in art therapy and provides therapeutic art services for the residents. She encourages the girls to be creative and let their minds soar. The art on display is a product of that encouragement.

"Art therapy provides sensory input to the brain which can help to heal the neurological damage caused by trauma and stress,” said Benson. 

The show consists of art from six of the girls in the program.

"For this show, the girls identified issues that were important to them and that they wanted to show to the public with their art. Transforming someone who has been a victim to someone who takes a public stance can be very empowering. The fact that their art is in a public gallery also boosts their self-esteem. It's great for the girls in so many ways!," according to Benson.

 “The girls have worked so hard on their pieces for this show. And they also learned a little about their ability and vulnerability along the way. We are proud to offer art and sensory therapy as a part of our trauma-informed work. Art is the best form of expression,” said Veronica Reynolds, Director of Residential Services.

Crittenton’s residential program is a behavioral health residential facility for girls 12-18 in West Virginia, offering the only licensed maternity care treatment facility in the state. Crittenton also serves young women who aren’t pregnant or parenting. The girls in treatment at Crittenton are victims of abuse, neglect, sexual assault, some of whom are battling drug addiction, depression and a variety of other challenges.

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