Do you know trauma? Crittenton does.

What is trauma?

Yes, it’s a house fire or a sexual assault or the death of a loved one. But did you know that trauma is much broader? It’s every family who has suffered through a divorce. It’s domestic violence. It’s someone with a substance abuse issue. It’s a parent or loved one serving prison time. It’s the chronic neglect some children experience from birth. So many of us have been affected by trauma.

For this reason, Crittenton Services continues to move forward with trauma-focused care when serving the state of WestVirginia.The name of our trauma framework is ARC, and it is a ground-breaking treatment option for trauma victims in all of the counties that we serve in West Virginia. The focus is on improving the ability of the clients that we serve to cope with the trauma that they have experienced. We want to strengthen the family unit. The foundation of ARC is attachment and we believe that attachment is also the foundation for every family to succeed. The relationship between parent/caregiver and child is a critical component to a healthy family. It is our mission to build attachment and strong relationships between family members.l

As a self-sustaining ARC agency, we have developed our own training curriculum for our staff and continuously train our employees to serve trauma victims of all ages and all communities. Crittenton has spent more than five years training and retraining our employees, making sure that our trauma-focused staff is the most prepared and well-trained, not only in West Virginia, but in the entire country.

Crittenton Services continues to pride itself on understanding the needs in our communities and across the state of West Virginia. We did our homework and know that trauma is the number one public health concern, not only in West Virginia, but across the United States.  And we plan to be a part of the solution.

Ken Nice, MSW, LGSW