Aleeyah's Triumph

Aleeyah is 18 years old and lives in our Level I facility, which offers a transition into independence model for clients.

Aleeyah was adopted at a young age by her father. Sadly, he passed away suddenly when Aleeyah was just 10 years old. She was left with her stepmother, whom she calls her “foster mom.”

Because they didn’t get along, Aleeyah was sent to a school in southern West Virginia to live. The school was later closed by the state for abuse of the children residing there.

Aleeyah went to live with a family friend and very quickly landed in the state’s custody, as her “foster mom” relinquished her rights to Aleeyah. She was now truly alone.

Aleeyah says she couldn’t be more grateful for the home she now has. She plans to keep and raise her baby, as “he will be the only family I have.”

Aleeyah is a college student who aspires to be a nurse, a great mom, and to finally have a family she can call her own.

Watch her story here: