April 2016

Crittenton Services, Inc.

Buildings, Grounds & Equipment Committee Meeting

April 14, 2016

Administration Conference Room

9:00 a.m. 


Members in Attendance: Dennis Madama, Banford Exley, Andy Barger and Ned George

Absent: Ned George and Wilkes Kinney

Staff: Kathy Szafran, Phil Powell and Gloria Taylor-Admin Support

Dennis Madama requested the members take a moment to review the Minutes from the

January 14, 2016 meeting for corrections and/or changes.  There were no changes

recommended.  Andy Barger motioned the Minutes be approved.  Banford Exley seconded

the Motion. The Motion passed unanimously and the Minutes were approved.           

Phil Powell reviewed the Capital Needs/Prioritization List.

In Progress Projects:           

  • Maintenance department is building a storage room on the Mezzanine of the Administration building.  They are looking into putting a landing at the mezzanine level to have steps come the opposite direction to make it safer to go down the steps.


            Completed Projects:

  • Florescent lighting replacement in residential main.
  • HiTek has upgraded the camera system in residential main.  Maintenance to install old cameras in Wade and Sigma I.
  • Maintenance replaced the kitchen ceiling in Wade.
  • Maintenance redid the railings on the stairs to the basement in the Administration building.
  • Maintenance replaced a partial sewer line in the basement of Level I

Researching Projects:

  • All new windows for Sigma II building.
  • Bathroom renovation in Sigma II building.
  • Kitchen renovation in Sigma II building.

Item(s) on hold:

  • Monitoring the basement cracking, leaking in Sigma I and II.
  • Maintenance will begin to look at what repairs need to be done with the playground, decks and porches. 

Other Business: 

Ms. Szafran gave an update on the proposed contract and changes that are coming from the State regarding unbundling and unleveling of Residential that goes into effect September 1, 2016.

There are two types of contracts – enhanced (Level II) and standard (Level I).  Counseling services that we received a daily rate for will now be fee for service.  Ms Szafran discussed some of the issues with the proposed contract – how services are authorized,  after 180 days of treatment, they stop paying us, and after a child is discharged, and relapses, we have to take her back for free.

Effective July 1, 2015, the WV Medicaid has gone into 4 separate MCOs: Beacon, Unicare, Coventry and the Health Plan.

Ms. Szafran reported that we are looking at renovating the Sigma 2 house to be a visitation house for families. 

Received a grant to purchase tele-health.  This technology will be available at all sites – allows mental and behavioral health providers to serve clients through the internet using a secure system.  We are in the practice phase.  This technology will be used for counseling, training and supervision.

Ms. Szafran reported that we are moving forward with the capital campaign. Banford gave an update on the campaign committee meeting. The JB Chambers request was denied. 

Additional foundation proposals are being submitted. 

Dennis Madama asked for a Motion to adjourn the meeting. Banford Exley motioned the meeting be adjourned.  Andy Barger seconded the Motion.  The meeting was adjourned.