Wellspring is a Wealth of Great People

I have been blessed to have been working for Wellspring Family Services for the past 8 years. In that time, I have naturally seen many people come and go and lots of changes take place.

One constant that I have noticed is that it remains a great place to work. Specifically, the Weirton office is more of a tight fit community as opposed to just an office full of people who happen to work in the same building. In our office, everyone is always willing to share ideas, new skills, lend a helping hand or to support you in any manner that they can.

I was recently touched by my coworkers who decided to bring me donuts and a card to ease some test anxiety before taking my exam for the next level of licensure. This does not happen in most companies.  From dedicated therapists like myself, to knowledgeable case managers, to a supportive site director, coming to work in our office is more of a pleasure than a responsibility.

The Weirton office is a great team but to me they are more of a family.

Christine Vrtar, MSW, LGSW